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Launch on Ethereum
V2.0 launch on Polygon
Added 5 new crypto pairs on platform
Added meta-transaction relayers
Launch of PLOT staking
Launch of mobile app
Launch of Sports category
Addition of contests and tournaments
Rebranding reveal with new UI
Development of legacy payment bridge -
cards and wallets
Development of NFT and consumable powerups marketplace
Release of NFTs - The Trivialz Collection
Presale of exclusive limited content -
Premium NFTs, powerups and cosmetics
Launch of Free2Play and Play2Earn formats
Introduction of currency burning mechanisms
Creation of fully-fledged leaderboards
Launch of Pop Culture category
Launch of Movies category
Launch of User Profile page
Introduction of daily quests and gift boxes
Significant improvements to mobile version
Reputation based loyalty reward system
Addition of staking mechanism
Launch of Stocks category
Launch of Weather category
Launch of Politics category
User Generated Content option introduced
Launch of PvP battles
PvP ranking and rewards introduced
Addition of social platform and accuracy score
Second release of NFTs
Addition of friends’ lists
Addition of messageboards to facilitate user discussion
Addition of Ascension trait to Premium NFTs
Introduction of Sponsorship
Start of project transformation into PlotXDAO
Development of Governance mechanisms
Setup of initial incentives for stakeholders
Full transfer of project control to the PlotXDAO

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